As long as you’re currently using a HIPAA Compliant server for data storage (patient medical records), we’ll install our package in it’s own folder on your server already in use. The storage of data and the individuals you have retrieving the data must remain HIPAA Compliant and your package will follow suit.
To avoid situations not covered by malpractice insurance you should not accept users outside your state of accreditation. When giving your expert opinion we suggest for anything out of the ordinary to invite your member in for an immediate appointment. This should almost always follow your replies. In our sample Terms of Service we suggest that you tell users the use of your expert advice is for informational purposes only and it’s not used to offer a complete course of treatment or prescribe medications. In order to provide expert medical attention you must make an appointment with our office. Here is an example from an online Terms of Service agreement for a similar platform.

“The information should not be considered complete, nor should it be relied on to suggest a course of treatment for a particular individual,”…”It should not be used in place of a visit or consultation.”

Aside from the birth of the digital patient, those with low premium high deductible health plans will find this service appealing. Learning first if a situation requires medical attention before making an appointment is how these patients already operate. With healthcare moving incentives towards keeping patients out of emergency rooms and doctor offices our set-up prepares you for these changes. Over 40 million new healthcare users will enter the market and many will have low premium high deductible plans as coverage.
The efficiency in which information can be collected is our greatest asset and also our worst enemy. Similar to medical student syndrome these patients fret about stomachaches and bruised toes while consistently misdiagnosing themselves. By offering professional support we can engage this patient until it’s necessary they come in for a visit. This will heal any growing distrust patients may have with seeing a doctor. The comfort of building a relationship with your practice will bring these patients in and keep them coming back.
We suggest a timeframe of 12-24 hours in your Terms of Service for replies to a single question. You can also limit the amount of questions asked per user, per day. Having other professionals in your office performing Admin. tasks will supplement your time. This will also be something to note in your Terms of Service. Any question requiring an extensive review with multiple parts and outcomes should be directed to you and/or your practice for an immediate appointment.
The set-up we organize for you allows for managing your network with ease anywhere you have a computer or mobile device. The App and website allows you to address questions by signing in like all members do. Simply choose a Recent Question and use the Reply Box provided.


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